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The Double Whammy of Mercury Fillings

Yesterday I travelled over 50 miles to go to the dentist. Despite there being one in my village. And two in the next village! Why on earth would I do such a thing? Well, it all comes back to my quest to sort out my hypoacidity and poor digestion. One of the many things I… Continue Reading

Indigestion and How I Became a Health Coach

In 2009, I was on holiday in Wales with my husband. We’d had pizza for tea (well we were on holiday!) but by the time I went to bed, I had bad indigestion. Not just like a bit of pain or discomfort, but really bad, like something I’d never experienced before. Now, this may well… Continue Reading

How Can the Brain be Both 60% Fat and 85% Water?

I was recently giving a presentation on healthy eating to the lovely ladies of a local Women’s Institute. Towards the beginning of the talk, I described how essential healthy fats are within our diet. One of the stats I shared was that 60% of the brain is fat. A bit later on, I was explaining… Continue Reading

10 Ideas to Help You Quit Sugar

My local village has a fantastic whole foods shop called Garlands Organic. Over the years, I’ve been there thousands of times as a customer. I have also spent many Saturdays there as an in-store health coach, to answer their customer’s health and wellbeing questions. On one occasion, the chosen monthly topic was sugar and among many other free… Continue Reading