The Double Whammy of Mercury Fillings

Yesterday I travelled over 50 miles to go to the dentist. Despite there being one in my village. And two in the next village! Why on earth would I do such a thing? Well, it all comes back to my quest to sort out my hypoacidity and poor digestion. One of the many things I… Continue Reading

Indigestion and How I Became a Health Coach

In 2009, I was on holiday in Wales with my husband. We’d had pizza for tea (well we were on holiday!) but by the time I went to bed, I had bad indigestion. Not just like a bit of pain or discomfort, but really bad, like something I’d never experienced before. Now, this may well… Continue Reading

How Can the Brain be Both 60% Fat and 85% Water?

I was recently giving a presentation on healthy eating to the lovely ladies of a local Women’s Institute. Towards the beginning of the talk, I described how essential healthy fats are within our diet. One of the stats I shared was that 60% of the brain is fat. A bit later on, I was explaining… Continue Reading

How to make the best ethical clothing choices (made by people not robots!)

It was announced this week that the first robot has been developed that can assemble and sew a basic item of clothing. It is claimed that this could put an end to sweatshop labour, as well as creating items quicker and at lower cost. On first glance, this sounds like great news, but as I… Continue Reading

How to Start a Morning Practice and Create a Routine That Works For You

For the first 15 years of my corporate career, my ‘morning practice’ consisted of working out what the smallest amount of time could be between when I had to get out of bed and when I needed to leave home to commute to work. I got it down to about 20 minutes. Just enough time… Continue Reading

10 Ideas to Help You Quit Sugar

My local village has a fantastic whole foods shop called Garlands Organic. Over the years, I’ve been there thousands of times as a customer. I have also spent many Saturdays there as an in-store health coach, to answer their customer’s health and wellbeing questions. On one occasion, the chosen monthly topic was sugar and among many other free… Continue Reading

Five Lessons Learnt When I Chose to Leave Corporate Life

In December 2012, with tears in my eyes, I departed my corporate life after 18 salaried years. I was heading for 40 and convinced that there was something more and deeper that I should be doing with my life. As 2013 dawned, I felt scared and lost. I wasn’t working and now needed to figure… Continue Reading